Policy Revival Policy Surrender Loan on Policy
Form No. 680. (For Age 18 years & above) Original Policy Bond Original Policy Bond
Form No 720. (For Age 0 to 9 years) Surrender Form. (or ULIP SURRENDER Form) Loan Form
Form No 700. ( For Age 10 to 17 years) Pan Card copy. Pan Card copy.
Pan Card copy Address Proof. Cancelled Cheque (Name on Cheque Compulsory)
If Child above 5 years, then School going proof must Cancelled Cheque (Name on Cheque Compulsory). Passbook copy. (If Cheque is without name.)
T.P.A. Medical if S.A.> 2lacs compulsory. (As per Medical Chart) Passbook copy. (If Cheque is without name.)
Change of Nomination Change of Mode Change of Address
Original Policy Letter Letter
Change of Nomination +1 Alternation Fee Rs 50 if Mode change is from higher mode to leaser or No Fees if vice versa. Pan Card Copy.
Pan Card Copy. Address Proof copy
Address Proof copy
Rs 100 Alteration Fee
Change of Name Policy Transfer Assignment of Policy
Letter Letter ( Branch number to which policy to be transferred is must) Assignment Form
Govt. Gazzette Copy/ Marriage Certificate copy. Pan Card copy. Assignment Questionaire
Pan Card copy. Address Proof copy. Original Policy
Address Proof copy. Bank Letter for assignment must.
Pan Card copy.
Address Proof copy.
Alteration Fee Rs 100
Reassignment Of Policy Loss of Policy Bond Chance of ECS
Reassignment Form Form No 3756 for inforce policy, or Bank ECS Form duely filled and signature verified by bank.
Orignal Policy Bond. Form No3815 for Maturity or Surrender of policy Cancelled Cheque.
Bank Letter for reassignment is must. Franking on above form Rs 500.
Fresh Nomination Form. Loss Policy Questionaire Form
Alteration Fee Rs 100 Pan Card copy.
Pan Card zerox Address Proof copy.
Address Proof zerox Policy Making Charge Rs 75 and Stamp 0.20 aise per S.A.
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