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Mutual Fund

Mutual Funds

Portfolio Rebalancing & Preventing Overlapping of Funds.



We compare All health insurance products for you and suggest you best product with the best benefits.

Fixed Deposit

Fixed Deposit

We deal in Bajaj FD, MMFSL, HDFC Bank FD, Shriram Finance FD, PNB Housing Finance FD, Government Tax Free Bonds, 54EC Capital Gain Bonds, NCD.

Policy Servicing

Policy Servicing

We provide Life and Health Insurance Policy Servicing, help with understanding Claim query and doubts if any,,, bring all insurance products on one mobile application.

Power Of Compounding
Power Of Compounting
How much do you want to invest ?
Investment Period
Expected Annual Returns (%)
Adjust for inflation ?
Wealth Gain


Maturity Amount


Company Tie-up :

01) Life Insurance Corporation of India.
02) Care Health Insurance Company.
03) ICICI Lombard General Insurance.

Product Offering

01) Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Motor Insurance.
02) Corporate Group Insurance (Life / Health / Personal Accidental Cover).
03) Travel Insurance of Individuals & Students.
04) Professional Indemnity Insurance.
05) Home Insurance, Fire Insurance, Marine Insurance.
06) AMFI Registered Mutual Fund Distributor (To Start SIP) or Guaranteed Income
MF Withdrawal Plan.
07) ICICI Securities Demat Opening - Broker.
08) Fixed Deposits (Bajaj/ HDFC/ SHRIRAM/ PNB/ MMFSL).
09) Capital Gain Bonds - 54EC.
10) Government Tax Free Bonds.
11) Health Insurance Claim Guidance.

USP – Unique Selling Points

12) All Life & Health Insurance Company Product Consultation,
Doubt Solving, Query resolution or 2nd Opinion on Insurance Products


ABHISHEK CAPITAL is providing digital services and consultations
regarding Life & Health Insurance, Financial Planning, Mutual Fund
Investments and Retirement Planning. We enable clients to navigate their
digital transformation using our mobile application which helps our clients
in the following ways.

  • Life insurance, Health and General Insurance Portfolio at a glance
    along with summary of entire families Insurance Cover.

  • Premium Payment Notification via Email, SMS and app 10 days,
    5 days and 1 day before premium payment date to prevent penalty
    and lapsation on your insurance policies.

  • Raise a service request to seek professional guidance to clarify
    your doubts and queries you might have regarding your insurance

  • Reminder and Notifications on new Insurance plans, Mutual Fund
    Investment Strategies and tips to enhance your Financial Health with
    a stronger foundation.

  • Month-wise Premium Calendar of your Life as well as General
    Insurance premiums.
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